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    Transform Origin is forced to 0,0 when using 'Responsive Scaling' in mobile Safari and Chrome

    Chris Gannon Level 1

      When I create, say, a 3D carousel I naturally want my transform origin to be in the centre (so it rotates on the Y axis in a circular motion).


      However when I check 'Responsive Scaling' in EA I'm finding that the Chrome and Safari browsers on my Nexus and iPads are forcing either the Stage's or the wrapper container's transform origin to 0,0 which, whilst this can create an interesting effect, is not what I want. I can force it to be 50%, 50% momentarily but it's quickly reset to 0, 0.


      Is this a bug in EA or mobile webkit browsers?


      For your reference


      Correct 3D transform origin:



      Incorrect 3D transform origin: