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    Single Form Data to Multiple Recipients




      The retail stores of my company currently use three pdf forms that are printed, filled out, and scanned and sent to three different emails for supplies. Mr.A provides cleaning supplies, Mr.B provides packaging, and Mr.C provides miscellaneous items.


      I am trying to update this process using a trial version of FormsCentral and turn those three pdf files into forms that will send info to each of the three suppliers for different fulfillment.


      However, my manager would like to consolidate all three of those forms into one for the ease of the retail stores. This one link to a form and whatever they fill out is submitted and collected into the FormsCentral app data. My manager would like it so that the supplies each individual (Mr.A, Mr.B, Mr.C) would fulfill is in its own data table so that Mr.A only sees orders for cleaning supplies and not packaging or miscellaneous items.


      Is there a way to have one form like this spit out three separate formscentral data sheets that can then be exported by each individual into excel.