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    Turning Off An Audio Track From Finished DVD Menu

    Duke Green Level 1

      Hi, Folks. I asked this question a couple of years ago, perhaps it has been included in recent upgrades.


      I use Premiere Elements 11, happily, to make family activity videos. I would like to have a menu option on the finished DVD to turn on or off the narration track. I see other uses, for example, the music or background noise could be optioned for viewer preference. If PE will not do this, is there a comparably priced alternative? Or, could I make the video in PE and author in another program? I imagine a high end program would include this feature, but there is no income in this for me, so I'd rather spend money doing things that provide footage to make movies of instead of software purchase.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no option to do that in Premiere Elements.


          You could have two menu buttons:  one video with narration and one without.

          You could also mute the dvd player or TV.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Nothing has change with regard to Premiere Elements (any version) and obtaining from it a DVD-VIDEO on DVD that gives the viewer the option to listen to it with or without narration that was included in the project. You would do best to do a 2 disc production for this - one with and one without narration.


            The idea to have both versions on one Timeline is possible (and we can give you detail how to on that for an appropriate Adobe menu design), but it is space consuming especially if you are dealing with a large project. Are you prepared to go from DVD disc spec'd at 4.7 GB/120 minutes (in reality 4.3 GB) to DVD disc spec'd at 8.5 GB/120 minutes (in reality 7.95 GB) to accommodate this approach?


            As for alternative video editors and their disc menu options, I am not aware of one that could do what you seek.


            Please let us know if we can be of assistance with a step by step on setting up Adobe disc menus (as is) or customized to deal with the two versions on one Timeline idea.


            Thank you.



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              Duke Green Level 1

              Thanks, Bob. See the disc space comment below, and as there may be multiple sound tracks, simply muting would not do what I want.


              Thanks, ATR. (when do you guys sleep?) I do have a couple of projects that have both versions on one disk, obviously short projects that will maintain decent video quality. I keep hoping for an upgrade that will incorporate that feature. Many (most) DVDs bought these days have options for a director/actor narration to be played or not during the video, so I know it is not a hardware function, but can be done in software.


              Thanks Both. This forum amazes me at the pointed help the gurus are willing to give. I've read thru many posts thru the past few years and the detail you give is nothing short of professional. You really know this product. Again, thanks.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply.


                I will keep a watch for further developments in the disc menu area for Premiere Elements.


                It is nearing September which has been the time for Adobe' annual release of a next version. No one knows the features of the new

                version except Adobe, and it is not letting us know until the moment new version is released.  And, the beta testers apparently are bond

                by written agreement to keep silent on the new version.


                But based on history, the chances seem slim for any disc menu advances since there really has not been any significant change in disc menus from

                at least versions 4 to 12.


                But, we can hope.


                Best wishes