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    Indd: Creating an HTML dashboard which use live data and refreshes itself.

    Gaston88 Level 1

      Hello everybody.



      Today I'm coming with a kinda "noob-like" question but I really can't figure this out myself so..

      I'm planing to export an indesign dashboard as html file so people can open it with their browser and so on.

      Since I'm using some plug-ins, I also added a navigation, and responsive design rules making my design fit any support (iphone, ipad, laptop, workstation...)


      So here comes the question:

      Do you think it's actually possible to "call" data from SQL databases so my indesign website displaying data could upload itself once online?

      In my mind I imagine you can map some variable for an entry and "say" this will comme from this database, adn everytime it's uploaded, the new valus will display on the dashboard, but I don't know if it's technically possible.


      Thanks for taking time to read & excuse me for my english.