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    Question about looping (banner advertising)

    Guido_BOOM Level 1

      I just made my first HTML5 banner in Edge Animate CC but i'm having trouble with a simple looping issue.


      My banner is 15 seconds long, and the max for Google Display banners is 30 seconds. So I want my banner to loop one time for a total of 30 seconds.

      The problem is, it has to stop at a specific frame the second time around.


      I really hope someone here can help me with this issue.

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi Guido,


          You could do this with Javascript - basically, create a variable that tracks the number of loops in the timeline:


          1. Set a symbol variable in the compositionReady event that initializes the number of loops to 0 (zero)
          2. At the end of the timeline, add an action that checks the number of loops in the symbol variable - if it's less than one, play the timeline again, and increment the symbol variable by 1
          3. If the number of loops is greater than zero, stop at the desired time or label. You could also reset the symbol variable to zero at this point, if you want to play the timeline again later but enforce the same playback rules.


          Let me know if you have any questions,


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