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    BUG: transform-origin not properly being set for Chrome v36


      Moving this conversation from the previous thread to a new discussion that is a little more accurate. (last one was off in regards to responsive scaling, issue is little wider than that)

      old thread: Transform Origin is forced to 0,0 when using 'Responsive Scaling' in mobile Safari and Chrome


      So here is the problem. Chrome (as of version 36) now recognizes the transform-origin value as the preferred method for the browser, rather than the more specific -webkit definition. Here is an image that may help to illustrate this a bit more in context.


      As you can clearly see in the image above, Chrome no longer opts to use the -webkit transform values and has adopted the newer method (and hopefully a cross browser standard in the near future) of transform-origin. What we are missing here is this value being set by Edge Animate. If we can get these values set in both fields, it should resolve the issue across the board.


      Our engineering staff has done a lot of digging on this as well, and Google is point back towards Adobe for this fix. The values simply need to be set by Edge Animate. Here is a link to 2 Google Chrome related threads with this issue as well.

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      I cannot stress how much of MAJOR BUG this is for heavy Edge Animate users like my company. All of our character animations are literally falling apart and since Chrome is a browser that will auto update, this will only become more widespread of an issue as time goes on.


      Please respond back to this thread with an ETA on an update for Edge Animate to resolve this issue. Thanks!