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    Is there a way to develop the same raw file multiple times, each time keeping the final product?


      I've been working with my NEF raw files.  When I import one into LR I can start developing it right away, which I've done.  I also know that the modifications aren't made to the raw file but kept in an XMP file.  Since the I'm not actually changing the raw file do you know if there is a way to make a secondary edit of the file?


      Here's an example.  Let's say I have a raw file and I want to develop it in color.  Then when I'm all done I want to start over and develop it again and black and white but keep the color one as well.


      I know I can undo all the edits I've made but then I lose all that work too.


      Is there a way to develop an image twice and keep both final products?  I know copying the raw file and renaming it is one crude way but I have to believe there's a better, easier way.