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    Error Message Server Busy During Startup

    SteveRuddy Level 1

      During LR startup I get a Server Busy Window that says

      This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose switch to to activate the busy program and correct the problem.

      This does correct the problem but why is this necessary and how to I get rid of the error during start up?

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          SteveRuddy Level 1

          2 days and no reply. I thought Adobe professionals read these discussions. Do I need to call support?

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            DavePinMinn Level 1

            Well, it's not an answer, but you can add me to the people getting the same error now..............


            Just tried to create a new catalog and now LR has puked all over it's feet again...


            Gads, I truly DESPISE calling Adobe support....  and rarely getting any.

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              SteveRuddy Level 1

              Thanks for your input Dave. This at least helps keep the topic current.

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                RealJan Level 1

                I also have been getting these messages for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Usually it happens when I start LR (I'm currently running LR 5.5 under Windows 7 Ultimate). So far it hasn't stopped me from using LR, after clicking on Switch to... or Retry. It's annoying, and scary too, because I have a large catalog,

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                  DavePinMinn Level 1

                  On my system, once I got the popup I couldn't get rid of it.  Hitting cancel or retry indefinitely had no effect.  I'd have to bring up the task manager and kill the Lightroom process, then kill the popup process...


                  I finally clobbered Lightroom and reinstalled it.  BUT, I've also been having bizarre and problematic things happen with CC - NOTHING will install from the application manager - everything throws either a 205 error or an A12E5......  I finally resorted to finding the links to Photoshop, Lightrooml, Application Manager, Extension Manager, and so on, and installing them manually.


                  Before I started clobbering software, I looked at processes.  I had

                  3 Adobe CEF Helper processes



                  After the reinstall of Lightroom, the first time it started it told me the "Develop module is disabled" and that I'd have to renew my membership.  Rebooted the system, restarted LR, and it stopped complaining......


                  And processes now include:

                  3 Adobe CEF Helper processes


                  Creative Cloud.exe


                  I do NOT recall any Creative Cloud process when I was getting the error...

                  I have NO idea if the two things are related, and frankly, CC is so screwed up at this point that I'm not about to shut down anything, start up anything, upgrade anything or do anything that may cause me to be unable to get work done.


                  You might try starting Creative Cloud, or make sure it's already running and see if that makes any difference.


                  In truth, although this isn't an "official" Adobe support component, I'm more than a little appalled that nobody from Adobe that's involved/responsible for some of this software has bothered to get involved in this problem.  But, I believe it goes back to the "who hates adobe" topic...  As has been said - they've now got a guaranteed pipeline of income, whether they improve the products, correct major problems, or provide decent support or not...  I don't know if Adobe support was off-shored BEFORE CC, but it sure seems to be now...

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                    photoguy815 Level 1

                    A fix to Lightroom's “Server Busy Error” on a Windows 7 64 bit computer:


                    I see in the discussion threads there are a LOT of frustrated people over this Server Busy issue, so I hope this helps someone. This is what Adobe tech support had me do, which fixed my problem. I got through on the phone right away, and the fix took no longer than 20 minutes to determine, with the support person remoting into my computer.

                    • I already had Lightroom 5.6 installed through my Creative Cloud subscription, and it had worked for a few weeks for me, although with increasing problems with the Server Busy box popping up. I was able to get rid of it by switching to Switch and Retry, but eventually it locked me out entirely.
                    • Tech Support told me the problem was a permissions issue.
                    • Try the following and see if it solves your problem:
                      • In C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe, find the SL Cache folder and move it to your Desktop.
                      • In C:\ProgramData\Adobe, find the SL Store folder and move it to your Desktop.
                      • R Click on your Lightroom icon and “Run as Administrator”.
                      • If it opens correctly, that shows it is working now.
                      • Close Lightroom and reopen the application normally.

                    At this point I was good to go again. 9/17/14

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                      SerenaH Level 1

                      Thank you photoguy815.  I spent at least 45 mins. chatting online with support, and had to leave.  No resolution.  Came back this afternoon, searched and found this.  Works great.  Hope it continues!

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                        SerenaH Level 1

                        Oops, spoke too soon.  Now getting message that my Develop Module has been disabled and that I need to renew my membership to reactivate!  Can't open the Creative Cloud app, and now getting pop up again.  (Not blaming this on you at all.  I just want to start all over and reinstall, but can't download because I can't open the Creative Cloud window!  Argh!!!!

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                          cliftonmeek Level 1

                          Thank you so much. I used your bullet list of steps (although I simply renamed the directories to ????.xxx), and the problem evaporated. Excellent.

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                            Mary_Nunaley Level 1

                            I just started getting this same message when I attempt to open Dreamweaver 2014. Will try the steps someone shared before I call our corporate IT department. Ugh.

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                              doug freitas Level 1

                              It worked for me. Exactly as you said photoguy815.

                              Thank you very much for taking your time to share this information.

                              It will save people a lot of time for not having to go through Adobe Customer Service.

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                                Lumogenesis Level 1

                                PhotoGuy815, I hope you don't mind if I express my love for you right here. I've been wrestling with this Server Busy error for a while now but I always managed to get in to LR eventually. Then this morning it seems that the final straw was delivered and I had to come searching for this thread. Solution took all of 30 seconds to implement and problem is now solved (and I am pretty sure that LR started a little faster than it used to even before the Server Busy error started cropping up!)

                                Thank you for posting it!

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                                  mattyhautomotive Level 1



                                  I cannot find the SL Cache.


                                  Any advice?

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                                    Rajesh K Asthana Level 1

                                    This is for Photoguy815 .

                                    Thanks for your tip , it works for some days but now same problem pops up. Any suggestion  or solution for this ?



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                                      MotoJV Level 1

                                      I tried all the steps as well and it didn't work.


                                      Then I did nothing, and it worked.


                                      Then it happened again, tried these steps again...nothing worked.


                                      C'mon Adobe...get your act together and fix this freakin problem once and for all.



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                                        Rajesh K Asthana Level 1

                                        When it says server busy and had option for  ' switch to ' , I opened Photoshop , It works.

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                                          HB55 Level 1

                                          After striking this problem this morning, I googled 'server busy Lightroom' and found comments on another forum. It was suggested that having a second hard drive connected to the computer could be causing the problem. I have a second hard drive plugged in that backs up my files. I switched it off and Lightroom started working again

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                                            Ryadia™ Level 1

                                            I've just developed this problem with Dreamweaver. I'm using 64 bit Windows. I pretty much followed the instructions and got a message I needed to license the software again. After doing that the program (Dreamweaver) booted and repeated the statement I had 0 days trial left and needed to register the software again?? OK so then it booted. On the next boot (normal boot - not as admin) I get the 0 days trial left message again. This is not looking good. I'll reboot the PC and hope for the best. I've got a sneaky suspicion this issue is not going to resolve itself. Sign off and re-boot.

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                                              judymaca Level 1

                                              Thank you thank you Photoguy...I was about to return Lightroom 6...I'm not a CC member and purchased it as an upgrade to LR 5...Server Busy message followed by not responding... I reinstalled LR 6 which worked only temporarily... Your fix got it to open, though I had to re-enter my license key for both products....Hopefully I won't have to do that every time I open it...Thanks again.

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                                                Ryadia™ Level 1

                                                Brace yourself Judy... I've 'fixed' this very common problem in Dreamweaver but for some inexplicable reason it hung up again last night and now I've got to go through the whole thing all over again. I'm told Its a memory flooding issue. Doesn't matter how much RAM you have, eventually it will fill it up and hang your system.


                                                The next time you boot it, the problem will return. Don't forget how you fixed it because if its done it once, it will do it again and again, and again. I'll tell you waht I've told every other working photographer I know who gets this problem. WRITE TO ADOBE AND DEMAND THEY FIX IT!

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                                                  photopoeth_ Level 1

                                                  I've got this prolem since the upgrade to LR6. Sadly Photoguy's solution doesn't help me.


                                                  Hey Adobe... any ideas? This is really frustrating!

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                                                    Ryadia™ Level 1

                                                    I feel for you photopoeth_

                                                    The solution from Photoguy works on the principle of cancelling your CC membership (or or product registration) by removing those critical files. It should work on every Adobe CC or licensed product. I've only got the problem with DreamWeaver but I've pinned the cause down (probably won't do much for you) to the link with 'edge inspect' and Google Chrome and my mobile phone that also uses Edge inspect CC.

                                                    Maybe (I'm only guessing here) you are on the trial version of LR? I think you have to register it before you can wipe out the registration info and start again. Only guessing mind you but I can't think of any other reason why a usually stable app would not respond to Photoguy's solution. Did you by any change keep the old version when you upgraded? That could be why the fix isn't working.


                                                    Please let us know if you discover what the cause is?

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                                                      photopoeth_ Level 1

                                                      Hi Rydia,


                                                      thanks for your feedback. To your questions:

                                                      I am working on a licenced version (CC photographers bundle) of Lightroom. But you're right I didn't uninstall LR5.7 (because I wanted to have the option to work on it if the new LR version didn't work). Do yopu think it would help to uninstall the previous version?


                                                      Best regards.

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                                                        Ryadia™ Level 1

                                                        I really cant advice you on that.


                                                        Perhaps a chat session with Adobe support might shed some light on the issue. I know when I accidentally removed a font used by Photoshop's print manager, Support were very helpful fixing the issues that resulted. I have no hesitation in giving an Adobe support engineer access to my workstation. By watching what he did, I can fix it myself if it happened again. Why not give them a chat?

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                                                          Wags2015 Level 1

                                                          I have the very same issue, albeit intermittent since upgrading from 5.7 to 6 (perpetual licence). I never experienced this with 5.7. I wonder if it is something to do with the annoying 'trial' of LR mobile which keeps telling me when it's going to expire (and which I don't want anyway) and can't find a way to remove.

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                                                            judymaca Level 1

                                                            Thanks for your helpful comments, Ryadia...I don’t really have anything to add except that Photoguy’s strange fix is still working, although this morning before LR 6 opened I got the “switch” message.  I thought, “Here we go again!”  but just waited a bit and it finally settled down and opened normally.  As you know I am not a Cloud member.  I’m reluctant to move SLCache and SLStore back to their original folders, so will leave them on the desktop for now.  Hopefully Adobe will soon come out with 6.1 to handle this annoyance.

                                                            • 28. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                              Ryadia™ Level 1

                                                              Thanks for your reply Judy,

                                                              You know there is no need to move the cache files? Just re name them and leave them where they are. My Dreamweaver crashes with alarming regularity when I set about to paste header or footer information into several pages. I often build a header and a footer for web pages as separate files. When I'm done building a site, I put all the links in place and past the header or footer into all the other pages. This is when DreamWeaver is prone to crashing. Sometimes halting the whole system and requiring a re-boot.


                                                              I haven't had to problem with Lightroom (yet). But I've got a 1000 shot shoot coming up soon. I'm guessing when I start trying to work fast with it, it too will flood the memory and freeze the system. I'll let you know if I find the actual true cause of this happening because it doesn't seem to matter what program it is, the 'fix' seems to work with all of them.


                                                              Those files we move or rename are to do with Adobe's anti-piracy measures. Every time you start your program, it checks to see if its registered. 'Server busy' messages could be because your service provider tries to feed you the link from a cache called a 'proxy server' some of them use to save bandwidth costs.


                                                              Truly... There are dozens of possible reasons. The fact Adobe software is as stable as it is really is quite remarkable but I suspect more and more it is relying on faster access to work seamlessly. When I changed providers last year I noticed a definite slow down starting any Adobe program. My access speed had dropped quite a lot. When I moved back to the old provider starting Photoshop stopped taking so long.



                                                              Cheers for now.


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                                                                bobrcw Level 1

                                                                I started getting this message intermittently when I moved from LR5 to LR CC. It happened when some of the hard drives attached to my system (Windows 8) had spun down due to my power settings. Changing my power settings to never turn off hard drives fixed the problem.

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                                                                  Wags2015 Level 1

                                                                  Thank you very much for this helpful advice. I have LR6 on an SSD and all the RAW files on a separate internal HDD. I have changed the power settings for the hard drives which were by default set at turning off after 20 minutes and so far (fingers crossed) there have been no server busy pop-ups on restarting LR6.

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                                                                    dearnold Level 1

                                                                    Now, I'm having this problem also - Server Busy During Startup of Lightroom


                                                                    I've been online with Adobe phone support and Chat Support over the past 6 days debugging CC, LR, and PS startup problems. It seemed to have started with the coming of LR CC.............

                                                                    Someone finally figured out that I had two instances of CC (the full subscription and a Photog bundle) attached to one email address. How that happened, I have no idea. I've had a separate Photog bundle on a totally different email address for at least a year. They transferred me to a Cust Svc Rep who said she fixed it and told me to log back in in 24 hours!! That was this morning -- and now I can't get Lightroom CC to open up without getting the Server Busy message -- and I can't get past it.


                                                                    Tried moving the SLCache & SLStore (renaming, actually) and that doesn't help.


                                                                    Unplugged an external HDD, rebooted, that hasn't helped.


                                                                    Sick and tired of spending time in queue for Adobe support and not getting resolution.

                                                                    • 32. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                                      Ryadia™ Level 1

                                                                      Hey Wags2015...

                                                                      Do you mind sharing with us who your ISP is? I've got a nasty feeling that while the problem is caused by Adobe for sure... It's likely made persistent by Internet Service Providers using a complicated 'proxy in the cloud' system to deliver your content. So that's one theory.


                                                                      Another is your computer's power supply. Years ago I owned a computer repair shop. An alarming percentage of problems that kept occurring were due to computer power supplies being labeled as (for example) 400 watt but only producing that output in bursts, not continuously. The biggest culprit that overloads a power supply is a new graphics card. Followed closely by extra hard drives. With the arrival of USB3, came the ability to supply power to external devices... Enough to drive external hard drives. Tacking on extra storage might sound like a good idea but if you don't have enough power to feed one, might not be a good idea at all.


                                                                      My assessment of a friend's PC that more often than not produced the 'Server busy' or 'switch to' error messages he got from Corel as well as Adobe software ...that his 400 watt power supply was inadequate to run his i5 system he had added a Gforce graphics card, 3 extra internal hard drives and an external drive to over time ...proved correct when I replaced his power supply with a certified 750 watt supply.


                                                                      My own problem has nothing to do with power supplies and all to do with memory flooding. I could fix it by installing better quality RAM but as its due for replacement in a few months, I'll put up with the 'switch to' message for now.


                                                                      My gut feeling on theory one is that either you are with a very large ISP who can provide cheap prices by using proxy in the cloud (don't expect them to admit it if they are) or your PC's power supply can't cope with the load. The fact you disconnected the external drives before trying to start the program again might kill that suggestion.


                                                                      One last thing... You did start LR as Administrator after fixing the problem, didn't you?


                                                                      As usual...

                                                                      I won't accept blame  for anything that happens to your or your PC because you followed my advise.

                                                                      Remember... This is the Internet and I'm a total stranger to you. Use caution believing anything anyone

                                                                      on the Internet tells you. Always get a second and third opinion.


                                                                      Good luck,


                                                                      • 33. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                                        Wags2015 Level 1



                                                                        My ISP is Plusnet (owned by BT) and I am on an unlimited high speed fibre package, but I have a perpetual LR6 licence (not CC), so am not sure how this would affect things.  My PSU is a high quality Corsair certified 650w and although I run an over-clocked i5 with 4 internal drives, I don't believe the PSU is lacking. I appear to have resolved my particular issue because the hard drive where the RAW files are stored was powering down after 20 minutes of inactivity, so changing the power settings in Windows 7 to keep them 'awake' for longer appears to have resolved this. The server busy pop-up only appeared on restarting LR6, so not on initial start-up when the PC had booted. I guess there are differences between LR6 and LR5.7 in how it starts-up and wakes hard-drives that have powered down. Many thanks.

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                                                                          judymaca Level 1

                                                                          Hi Ryadia,


                                                                          You were so right...after working for maybe 5 days, LR 6 now won’t open at all again...First time I tried it today, I got the Server Busy message, but Switch didn’t help....I restarted the computer and tried again and this time got nothing but the logo and spinning ball.  Just went through moving SL Cache and SL Store again and when I opened as Administrator I was again prompted to enter my LR 6 and LR 5 serial numbers.  Don’t have time to hang out here with Adobe support right now...Might try tomorrow.


                                                                          No way would I join the Cloud with all these problems!  FYI: I’m running Windows 7 on a Dell T1700, Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20 ghrz, with 8GB Memory. (Though I have only a vague idea what that all means, unfortunately!)


                                                                          Judy M.

                                                                          • 35. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                                            judymaca Level 1

                                                                            One last comment.  Lightroom 6 once again refused to open with the Server Busy message and lock up routine and I was all set to settle in with a call to Adobe but this last time, three or four days ago, during the lockup I got a new window prompting me to Uninstall and Reinstall.  I did that and (knock on wood!) Lightroom has opened fine ever since. 


                                                                            Judy M.

                                                                            • 36. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                                              Ryadia™ Level 1

                                                                              I don't suppose you use any registry cleaner like Glary Utilities do you?

                                                                              We've got a few systems here, not all on CC but when I look through the logs of them all I discovered that prior to the shutdown before these problems happened, all the PCs went into a 'sleep' setting. Unless you run a CRT screen, there is really not a lot of value in having a screen saver so we set our computers to turn off the screen at 30 minutes and power down the hard drives at 1 hour of no use. DreamWeaver won't recover from this sleep mode. It displays an error message and has to be shut down. The next day... We get the message "switch to or retry".


                                                                              So Judy I'm thinking if you used a registry cleaner or removed any software... A critical DLL or registry entry might have been altered.

                                                                              If that didn't happen I guessing in the day prior to or even the day it happened, your computer went to sleep while Lightroom was open and did the damage. What do you think?


                                                                              Since I've made sure everyone here shuts down any Adobe program before leaving their PC, we haven't had a problem. Does any of this ring a bell with you?

                                                                              • 37. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                                                judymaca Level 1

                                                                                Hi Ryadia,


                                                                                Just when I thought I was home free....When I opened LR 6 just now (wanted to be sure all was well before I responded to you), I got the old familiar Switch message again.  Also open at the time was my email, Windows Live Mail.  At first I thought LR had locked up again, but I sat on my hands so I wouldn’t click prematurely, and when the ball stopped spinning I chose Switch to and LR opened  normally after a blink or two.


                                                                                I’d never done anything with the power setting on this machine, but because of your comments I went in at changed the power down to 1 hour of no use from what was apparently the default of only 30 minutes of no use.  My screen goes dark after 10 minutes.  I didn’t change that.


                                                                                I don’t have a registry cleaner.  Does LR take so much power that it doesn’t want anything else open when it starts up?  I know I can’t accomplish anything else when it’s doing a back up.  I guess if it keeps opening, I won’t worry about the problem.  Just hope Adobe soon sends out a 6.1 to get this bug out...


                                                                                Such fun...




                                                                                Judy M.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Error Message Server Busy During Startup
                                                                                  m_&_m Level 1

                                                                                  I am getting the same message but I don't have LR (don't even know what that is) only the very old CS4, which I rarely use. I found another forum that said it is related to MS Word? Could someone help me with this issue in easy speak?

                                                                                  I have W7 64 bit SP1.

                                                                                  Thanks in advance.

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                                                                                    Slipshod1 Level 1

                                                                                    Just happened to me because I had put an SD card into a reader I don't normally use before starting Lightroom.  Once I removed the SD card both Lightroom and Photoshop came right up.


                                                                                    WTF Adobe?

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