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    Role the film tape



      I would like to recreate the effect off the film strip on roles to shrink from one point and accumulate on the other end , like in the image below.

      Any advice on how to approach this?


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          Ziji Man Level 1

          You wouldn't happen to have Cinema 4D would you?


          I can see how this wouldn't be too hard in C4D, but I don't know how to create that kind of dynamic modeling in AE. The Boris FX 10 plugin does have 3D modeling. Take a tube and then flatten it, or a lowercase l and stretch it. Give it pliable dynamics. The tape reels can just be 3D donuts reshaped. Make a null or something to "anchor" each end of your "tape" to, and then spin your donuts or tape reels.


          Should be fun.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your samples can easily be created by just creating a couple of reels as circles, making sure the anchor point is in the exact center, animating rotation and then layering. This is really basic stuff. There is no need to actually have film or tape roll up on a reel. You can just make two layers, scale up the film roll on one side while the film layer on the other side is scaled down. The film joing between can be just a stroked line. That is all there is to it.