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    Why can't I edit any text in my file?


      A newly created file, by me, is now seemingly unable to have the text edited. All font options become 'greyed out' when I highlight the text I want to edit. This has been happening to me all day with various indesign files.


      I did get a new computer with a fresh install last Thursday, and it seems if I quit inDesign and re-open it, on occasion it let's me edit the text.. so I am wondering if, but hoping not, I need a new installation after a clean uninstall?


      I am on a mac running OS X Mavericks, using InDesign CS6 with Creative Cloud. (I can't upgrade to CC at the moment because of the database management system we use, Agility, needing to update their indesign plug-in prior to us being able to update to InDesign CC.)


      Someone please help with this.