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    Lightroom Photobook issue - undoing a saved book?


      I am using Lightroom 4.3.   I am using it on a PC.   In the past, I have used Blurb booksmart to make a photobook.   However, since Lightroom 4 offered it, I decided to make a photobook within Lightroom.  Before starting,  I put my photos in a Collection set which contained multiple collections in order of the what I wished to appear in the photobook.  I started populating the photobook from the collection set.   As I was finishing for the day, I did not know whether it should be saved or not.   So I saved it under "create saved book".   It saved it as a book.  By the way, I did not know where to save the photobook so I saved it within the collection set.


      I then went back to the collection set and suddenly something was happening.   Afterward, I noted that the auto layout was putting this collection into a photobook, plus all the other collections within the collection set.   I do not now seem to be able to undo it.   Also every collection is locked into a separate photobook - though an unsaved version.   I now do not seem able to access the photos in the collection set.  


      After saving my original photobook which was not complete, I had wanted to go into the rest of the collection folders within the collection set and continue to populate the photobook with the photos.   However, I do not seem to be able to finish the original photobook as after the auto layyout, each of the collections are now in the initial stages of being a photobook themselves.


      Can anyone help me please.

      Nora Finn