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    InDesign CS6 merge


      I am unable to merge my Excel 2010 information into InDesign.  I am having to save it as 97-2003 and then save as CSV.  When I save it in the 2010 Excel and then CSV it will not open the data source I selected it comes back after a few minutes and tells me Adobe InDesign CS6 has stopped working.  What is going on?

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          MW Design Level 5

          While it doesn't overly matter what format the CSV file is in as regards delimiters, I prefer to use a tab delimited file exported from Excel (or whatever). About the only things that can prevent ID from properly using a CSV file is (1) improper encoding and, (2) line breaks or paragraph returns in cell data.


          Check the encoding. Use ANSI, UTF-8 without a BOM, same with UTF-16 no BOM. With UTF-16, Big or Little Endian matters iirc.


          Try just a couple lines of data properly formatted. Use a text editor to open the CSV, remove all but a couple rows of data, then try it in a new merge document. If that works, try opening the whole thing and resave it from your text editor and try again in this new document.


          If that doesn't work, post a few lines of your data file to be looked at and tried by someone else. We might be able to see what's going on with screen shots of the CSV/Excel file, the merge data panel in ID and the page with the fields in place. But it usually is expedient seeing the real data.