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    Problem  resolved


      After  countless  uploading  and uninstalling, I have resolved my issue. I  finf the support options lacking. Wehn you  encounter a problem you  need support and contact  details to a real support person. Aftre a day  of  struggling  my issue is resolved. But I am left very diaappointed with   the support  from  Adobe

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are complaining to the wrong people. This forum is not "Adobe". We are all just users like yourself. Did you post your question on this forum? What was the problem? Did you receive any answers at all from this forum?

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            shrinkgurl Level 1

            Thanks Jim  for your input. Indeed I realize this is a forum of  users  like myself. I was merely expressing  my  frustration at  being  unable to  connect  with a support  person /help at  adobe re my issues... all  roads lead here . And yes I  did  post a question yesterday , nobody responded.


            After  reinstalling  at  least  half a dozen times completely cleanly uninstalling/ backing  up  presets and photos. It  works.


            I have never  had a problem updated  before. As everything  moves to  creative Cloud I do  wonder  if  there are bugs that  caused  my issues? Anyways thanks for taking the time to  respond, have a great day- Kathy

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't know about others. But the reason I would not have replied to your question is that I'm not part of the creative cloud. Not that I would make any difference in your case. I just refrain from trying to help because I'm totally unfamiliar with the problems involved.