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    Import from current location ... when using a memory card

    Federer Photography

      This thread from a long time ago seems to indicate it can't be done.  Is this still true?

      Re: Lightroom 4.3 won't add to catalog without moving


      If so -- why?  I often use my large CF and SD cards as temporary external hard drives... it would be great to be able to import from them.  This is particularly true on my laptop -- which has limited HDD space, but has a built-in card reader.


      If the issue in the above thread has been fixed, and there is, indeed, a way to import from a card without copying...   how can it be done?  I can't seem to find it in LR 5.5.   The only work around I've found is to import them from an actual HDD on a different system... then I can move that catalog to the laptop and use 'find missing folder' to point the missing folder to the memory card.   Obviously this takes forever and is hideously inefficient.