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    Tricky Swapping MCs


      I have a menu that has:

      5 icons: A, B, C, D, E
      5 positions: 1 (x=29, y=279), 2 (x=170, y=358), 3 (x=333, y=389), 4 (x=502, y=359), 5 (x=631, y=279)

      After they are clicked the initial time, they go into a little nav bar.

      5 positions: 1 (x=18, y=554), 2 (x=48, y=569), 3 (x=80, y=569), 4 (x=114, y=554), 5 (x=160, y=566)

      In the smaller nav bar, when an icon is clicked, I want it to go to position 5 and I want the icon that was in position 5 to go to whatever position the clicked icon had been in. Also, icons in positions 1-4 are the same size (at 14% of their original size), and icon 5 will grow to 18% of its original size.

      What's a good strategy for doing this? And where will I put the scripts? Would I use a hittest and variables?

      Any help would be appreciated.