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    Managing signature page on a document with revision history


      We are trying to migrate our drawing approval process from paper to digital using PDF's digital signatures.  To release a version of a document, we need 3 sign-offs (creator, checker, approver).  This was straightforward to implement using the digital signatures form field.  All signatures reside on a signature appendix page that gets appended to the end of the PDF document we want to sign-off.


      When we want to release the next revision of the document, we again need all 3 sign-offs, but we want to include the previous signature history.  We understand that the earlier signatures will be invalid, but it is important for us to be able to print the signature appendix showing the full change history.  We thought we'd be able to copy the signature page from the released PDF to the new revision, but when we copy this, the signature fields are blank.


      Is it possible to achieve this functionality?