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    How do I uninstall Adobe Digital Editions 3 (for Mac)???

    Albe Sure

      Dear kind, knowledgable Adobe Staff member-


      As a user of SEVERAL Adobe products, I am really NOT loving the fact that there is NO CLEAR answer that I can find here (OR even in doing a Google search) for how to completely REMOVE/UNINSTALL Adobe Digital Editions 3 (for Mac)...and there are a couple/few UNanswered Adobe Communities posts (such as this one) asking this SAME question!


      If you're going to create an installer for the MacOS platform (which does NOT have the built-in Winblows uninstall "feature"), then PLEASE DO either include a uninstaller tool (either installed during the install process, built into the installer as an option, OR have clear, official, and easily accessible step-by-step instructions on how to do this!


      You've lost ANY shot of my returning to ADE software by not having these features...please do help me re-instill some "faith" in your company's responsiveness to the current LACK of support that I am experiencing in attempting to remove this unwanted software from my computer!





      Albe Sure