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    Save Query Results

      Every time this page is called it runs the component. Isthere a way to save the results of the component when it runs the first time? I need to hold it and compare the results to a form field. The only thing is everytime the hit they submit button it runs the query again and give different results. I tried using hidden fields but they change everytime the page is reloaded.

      <cfinvoke component="swabl/IdentityAnswers" method="IDQuestions" returnvariable="getItems">

      <form name="form1" action="" method="post">
      <input name="question" type="hidden" value="<cfoutput query="getItems">#question#</cfoutput>" />
      <input name="answer" type="hidden" value="<cfoutput query="getItems">#answer#</cfoutput>" />