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    Desktop not syncing with mobile


      New here.  Lightroom 1 fit my needs for all these years, but with mobile sync I decided to upgrade.  Everything has been great thru the 30 day trial and the last few days as a paying customer, until today.  I am using 5.5 on a Mac desktop running OSX 10.9.4.  Lightroom shows "Syncing 2 photos" for most of the day.  I made changes to photos on Lightroom mobile (picks & rejects, copy to another collection, create a collection and copy photos to it).  These changes show up online (lightroom.adobe.com) but do not show up on the desktop.  I added a collection on the desktop to be synced with mobile, but the 35 photos in that collection didn't upload (the collection name showed up on my iPhone, but was empty).  I have also taken several pictures with my phone that show up in the mobile app and on the Lightroom website, but do not show up on the desktop.

      The Creative Cloud app on my desktop indicated and issue under the assets tab, which took me to the creativesdk.adobe.com/status website and the following message:  Creative SDK is not operating normally.  and Files(Mobile) with an exclamation.

      I have attempted the following: restart Lightroom 5.5; restart the computer; sign out and back in; turn sync off and then on. 

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you try to trigger a "Delete all Data" via Lightroom Desktop preferences -> Lightroom Mobile. With that you would start from zero.

          When you still come to the point that sync hangs please send me a LR Desktop diagnostig log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.


          You can trigger the log via LR Desktop prefereneces -> Lightroom Mobile and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button




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            smckin Level 1

            Thanks.  Delete all Data worked, however I was originally hoping to avoid since it would mean losing work that I had done on Lightroom Mobile.  When I started over yesterday I had Lightroom mobile pull in pictures from my camera roll and then noticed the sync again wouldn't work.  I noticed the most recent pictures I had taken using an app called Cortex Cam.  This app basically takes several pictures and "merges" to create a sharper handheld with more detail, effectively creating a 12 megapixel image (cool app, was even featured by Dan Rubin in the Guardian recently).  I deleted these photos from my iPhone, then once again did a "Delete all Data" and started from scratch again.  So far, after a day of use, no issues syncing.  Everything is working.

            Not sure if the Cortex Cam app was the problem, but going forward if I use that app, I'll just make a point of not having Lightroom Mobile open to import it. 



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              greule Adobe Employee

              Glad that it's working again. I'll double check if the Cortex Cam app-images interfere Lr Mobile in a bad way. - Guidio