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    Mouth lip sync?

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      I made a new animated video if anyone was interested! It involves Reggie at this year's E3 but this is my first attempt at lip syncing and trying to coordinate the words with the character talking. If anyone has any feedback or ways to improve my animation I would greatly greatly appreciate it!


      I'm trying my best to improve with every video so any help at all negative or positive is a great thing for me!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if your sound is attached to a timeline, make sure the sync property is assigned to stream.  by default, it's assigned event sync'g which doesn't sync, at all.

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            DennisJa Level 1

            You should really get an add on called key frame caddy. Its very helpful for that type of puppet animation and makes it super easy to swap mouth pieces. You can also use it for hands eye brows just about anything if you get creative with it.