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    Score Error & Displaying of wrong movie clips

      Hi everyone here,

      I am working on the quiz for my school and had encountered some very weird problems.
      I created 2 movie clips, Correct_mc and Wrong_mc to be show to the students when they submit their answer.
      If they got the right ans, the Correct_mc would show, or else Wrong_mc.

      I have 10 questions in this flash quiz but the last question gives me alot of problem which i do not know what could be the cause. My last question is 5.13+0.8=? So the ans should be 5.93. I have included check for the right ans using if else and to display the Correct_mc and Wrong_mc, when i test it out and put the right ans (5.93) in the field and submit, it gives me 'Wrong_mc'.

      At the end of my quiz i display the student's an and the model answer. Student's ans that are wrong the text color will be changed to RED. But again, for my last question, no matter what I cant get the right color display for right (black) and wrong (red) answer. Also, i could not get the scores to be calculated for my last question. Below are the long and messy codes.

      Really very sorry for the trouble here.
      FiOh X_x