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    Unable to add new printer port for Central Output Server 5.7 under Windows 2012 Server

    Steve Bryant MTA Level 1

      I am migrating my Output Server from an old Windows box to a new one and am having issues with the new ports.  I have 6 instances installed and the last one seems OK, but all the others get errors when any output is sent to them, even a Windows Test print. I have them all setup the same, with the port format used \\.\pipe\jetform\server5

      When i installed the software, i installed all 6 instances then went through and added the 6 local printer ports - it seemed to configure them OK this first time.

      My testing was then done on the 6th and last instance and went fine.

      When i tried to test the other instances, I found all jobs just errored out on the printer queue.

      If I connected one of these printers to the 6th port, it worked fine.

      I deleted one of the local ports that was not working and tried to re-add it. I then got the message "The system cannot find the file specified"

      I tried adding the port through the registry - it added, but would not print still.


      I then noted that in Central output Server Control, when i tried to Shutdown Central and start one of them, I got the error "Unable to connect to named pipe '\\.\pipe\jetform\server5.ctr'"


      I am using a domain account that is configured to run the Adobe services, it is a Domain Admin with all the required rights

      I have modified the Local Security policy to allow users to add printer drivers.


      And i have now run out of ideas ! Anyone got any ??