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    Running a single action, separately, over multiple folders


      Hello all,


      First time for me using this forum, therefore i apologise if this is listed incorrectly. I am trying to speed up my work flow by automating repetitive tasks. Now that I am getting more work to do, I’m trying to tie up some loose ends in my actions that I haven’t previously been able to figure out.


      I shoot a lot of school photography and i use Photoshop to automate the process of adding each student’s image to a proof card which is printed and dispatched to the school. Now this process is really easy when it’s just a single shot per proof card. But for nurseries there are four different images per proof card. The action i currently use (proof card template would be open in Photoshop) asks me to open the four images, which then copies each of the images and pastes them into the designated area of the proof card, then asks me to save it, then removes the four images so that the proof card template is ready to accept another four images when the action is run again.


      The issue i have is that I have to manually select the four images every time i run the action. It’s become a tedious, time consuming process as some of these schools have up to 200 proof cards to be made.


      I’m looking for tips as to someway i can create an action that selects the first four images in a designated folder automatically, plays the action above, saves it automatically as basic file name (even "Proof1" would do!) Then automatically selects the next four images in the folder, runs the action, and automatically saves as 'proof2' and carries on going until its completed every image in the folder.


      I’m not sure if this would be possible to divide each student’s four images into subfolders and use the batch tool run the action?


      Any help would be appreciated.