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    creating an interactive presentation for an iPad


      So I have some very basic experience using Adobe programs for my personal business solutions.  Primarily photoshop.  But I just got InDesign CS6 as it was recommend for creating an interactive presentation for an iPad.


      Before I get to my main question I'd like to give you the basics on my needs for such presentation. I currently own a residential painting company and we have a printed client manual we use at our sales presentations to cover our services for prospective clients.  I would like to create an interactive presentation, document, whatever (is easiest and will provide the best experience) for our sales reps to use on iPad devices.  This presentation will ideally be between 20-30 pages long, with a main menu and 4-5 subtopics with page links, video & picture inserts, working web links, GIF's, and anything else that might spark customer interest or be an effective sales tool.


      We are trying to integrate everything for use on the ipad for our sales presentation because we can use it as an all in one tool.  Specifically for our client manual, schedule, job locations, credit processing, etc...  Also, I see a video review on an ipad much more powerful tool than the boring written reviews we have right now.


      Anyways, I really have absolutely no idea what I am doing.  I have learned Adobe programs from scratch in the past, and I am looking for any beginner advice or resources you guys may have. Maybe some good starting points or examples of presentation templates for ipad use, functionality, etc...  Really lost in the fog right now, and just looking for a little beginner guidance.