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    Adobe CC 2014 crashes on Mac OS X 10.9.4

    Alessio Felicioni

      Hi everybody,

      I've recently updated my Adobe apps to the 2014 version and I have a problem that's driving me crazy.

      Illustrator 2014 and InDesign 2014 work fine, but when I open Photoshop 2014 I get a 1 to 3 minutes freeze on startup, after the "loading screen", while Premiere Pro 2014 and After Effects 2014 freeze at the loading screen and I have to force them to quit.

      I regularly update all the apps and the OS (I'm currently working with the latest os (OS X 10.9.4) and build (13E28).


      My hardware is:

      MacBook Pro retina (late 2013)

      Intel Core i7 2.3 GHz

      16GB DDR3 1600 MHz

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB


      I've never had any problems with any of the CC Apps since I've got the suite (march 2014), besides from the various "you don't have privileges to do that" at first install, that I got solved by changing the folders permissions.


      Sure I can work with the previous versions, but it's really annoying being prevented from using the latest versions.


      Any suggestions?