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    Help - Picking up the pieces of a damaged HDD


      In summary, I put my eggs all in one basket for a brief period and have payed the price. My setup is/was as follows:


      500GB SSD in my Mac Book Pro (as a scratch disk)      - Storing the Lightroom 5 catalogue

      1TB Thunderbolt Lacie 'Rugged' HDD                              -With all my photographs


      You can guess what's coming, two days ago I plugged my 'bolt drive' into my Mac and suddenly its displaying 999GB of free space; when I know there's 670GB of photos on there. Disk Utility shows the free space and also the reality of the used 670GB of used space. - Queue panic sweats! After taking a deep breath I opened up my 'Disk Drill' software and attempted a quick scan - I didn't touch the drive to write to it after discovering this fault, so I was hopeful. - Alas the quick scan failed, but the "deep scan" after 24hrs yielded results. Finding all my 670GB (plus some deleted files to) worth of photos. "Yay" you think?


      Here (as I believe americans call it) is "The Kicker" ... All my recovered images are separated into their respective formats and titled 000001.jpg/cr2... ect through to 23,000. But not in date order, with their date created/modified altered to the past couple of days during the recovery process.


      Since my LR5 catalogue is 'safe' on my laptop, opening up the software shows all my images in their respective folders, all sorted with metadata ect, with LR quizzically highlighting the fact it can't find the original file.


      Is there any way to link to two? I know I could extract whatever previews LR saved onto my Laptop as JPEG format, but is there a 'quick/efficient' way to re-sync the catalogues and files together?


      I'm not in need of a lecture, my 8TB raid hard drive has just arrived, to prevent future incidents like this. But if anybody is able to shed any light on how to quickly put things together I will be eternally grateful.

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          I wrote a detailed article on my blog on this problem. The basic idea is:

          1. Rename all your recovered files to some unique name based on exif data. I suggest something like: 20140725-101324. This can be done with exiftool.

          2. Export all filenames and needed exif data from the Lightroom into a text files (csv). This can be done with a sql statement or the "List View" plugin.

          3. Use some tool to create a script file that renames and moves the recovered files to the original Lightroom names and location. This can be done with text processing languages as awk or sed. On my blog I show to to use OpenOffice for this.


          I was able to reassign files to the entries in the Lightroom catalog using these tree steps.

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            Thank you for your assistance with this, I am very great full, I have been away the past few days, however I will let you know how this goes! Thanks.