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    2014 is a separate install. WHAT?

    archie29 Level 1

      Just found out that for a month now I have 2 installs in my machine and what I thought was my "2014" update not properly installed was the fact I was still working on the old version.


      Can someone tell me why on earth:

      1. They have a separate 2014 install? Its not like legacy systems will be on 2013 because.. you know.. with CC you don't have that option. Either someone will be on CS6 or CC.

      2. I know someone will have an argument for Question 1 BUT why don't they make it optional? Can't you have a simple pre-install question "Do you want to uninstall previous versions" ?

      3. Why on earth would they not have a plugin migration tool? I feel like jumping from the terrace that the one thing I felt was a relief with CC was reinstalling plugins.

      4. Why does the useless Adobe Creative Cloud Application not have options like "Uninstall", "Pause/Resume update/install" etc? It is probably one of the worst taskbar applications I have seen.


      I had just developed a little fondness towards CC after the initial disappointment. And now they decide to do the most non-sensical release IMHO.


      Please help me out as I can't understand why....