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    Play symbol from label to label


      Hi all!


      I'm looking for a simple way to play a symbol from one label to another. it seems pretty basic to me, but I couldn't find a simple solution in Edge API or online.

      I'm looking for a simple bind function if available, nothing with trigger functions inside the symbol's timeline with some kind of if statements and stops. I'm trying to avoid that.

      So if you guys know of a built-in function that does that, ill be happy to hear it! and if there is none, Adobe needs to get on that, cause it's called for.


      cheers! thanks!



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am wondering what you are trying to do.

          It seems to me that you should just use a stop where you want the animation to stop and play a label directly after the stop. This way your animation would play from that label to almost the next label. Not sure I am making sense.

          Example   label1   stop(); label2 stop()    label3() stop();

          When playing label2 it would play until reaching the stop right before label3 - I assume you would not have a difference in the animation between a label and a stop.