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    Picture Package?

    Larry Rocco

      Picture package plugin is essential.

      Is there a plugin for this in Photoshop CC?

      Please send the Link or info.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe changed plug-in support In the Subscription version of CS6 so some old plugins like Picture Package and Web Photo Galery no longer work.


          Adobe does not do a good regression testing they do not maintain Photoshop so it backwards compatible with previous versions of Photoshop.  They remove features they have added and break features. Its a good idea to keep old version and not so old version of  Photoshop around.

          CC 2014 added and removed features and removes some support.

          I have written Photoshop scripts that I use to do thing like Picture Package and Web Photo Gallery.

          Paste Image Roll Script and Picture Package Support

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            Larry Rocco Level 1

            With all of the useless add-ons available, you would think one of these creative geniuses would create a package add-on.

            This is always a struggle with new PS versions.

            Plus the old doesn't work on the new iMacs.