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    Page Numbering for the Clueless N00b -- FrameMaker 7

    STL Orca Level 1

      Hey gang,

      I've got a fairly simple FrameMaker 7 document (one file, 94 pages) that requires page numbers to follow the Chapter No. - Page No. format (e.g., 3-2).    Two issues occur: 1) the chapter number stays at 1, and 2) the page number increments by one when I need it to restart after every new chapter.

      My paragraph tags are like this:

      • ChapterTitle
      • Heading1
      • Heading2, etc.

      I think I've identified a disconnect: the heading numbering is as follows (thanks to Deborah Snavely for explaining the matrix approach):

      <n+>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< >< >\t

           where n+ is the heading number, followed by four subheadings.  The last two bracket sets are for figures and tables, respectively.  I set the page numbering in the master pages as follows: <$chapnum>-<$curpagenum>.  Chapter/paragraph numbering works as advertised, as do figure and table numbers.  How do I change the page number variables to match the chapter number and restart the page numbering?