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    display firstframe of FLV video

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      Hi all,

      I'm in the process of developing a small online video app. There is a
      videoplayer at the top of the page and several thumbnails below it (all
      seperate swf's).

      * The thumbnails load a small mute version of the video which is shown
      at the top if you click on it.
      * If you rollover the thumnail it plays that small version.
      * To give user-sweet some idea of what the will be seeing, the first
      frame of the video is shown in the tumbnail's rest state (dont mind the
      black frames in this demo).

      There is no media server involved, all http.

      The problem:
      If I set the bufferTime to a high number, and pause the video after a
      certain amount of ms, there is no way of telling the video has actually
      loaded the first frame (seems kinda network/pagesize dependent)

      If I wait for NetStream.Buffer.Full and pause if so (as seen in some
      online tuts), the video plays for a (random) bit anyway which looks
      sloppy IMHO.

      Anyone got any other bright ideas?

      A demo can be viewed here:


      Manno Bult