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    I can't change my Adobe ID (Email address)


      When I try to change my Adobe ID (Email Address) I received a message such this: "Impossible to save the change to the account" - In Italian, my original language,  the message is: "impossibile salvare le modifiche all'account".

      Anyone can help me? The Email Address that I wold like to change will expire within few days.

      Thanks for an early replay.

      Best regards.


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          Angela@BA-EXPERTS.com Level 1

          I talked to Adobe support and was told "It is not possible to change the Primary  team admin. You may buy new subscription and cancel the existing one". I don't understand this at all. I am a business analyst by profession and defining requirements is my bread and butter. How can any modern internet application not allow for a customer to change their email address? Unbelievable! I think Adobe needs a few more business analysts.


          The support rep mentioned that there is a workaround which, in my opinion, is unacceptable if you use more than 2 GB of storage. Here are the instructions.


          Currently you cannot change the primary admin on a CCT membership purchased directly from Adobe. As a workaround, follow the steps below.
          Note: VIP program customers who purchased Creative Cloud for teams from a reseller should contact support http://www.adobe.com/getsupport to initiate the change in primary admin.
          Workaround steps:
          1. Cancel the existing team membership: You can cancel the membership without any penalty. The accounts for team members change to trial mode. Members can still access their saved data in the cloud storage.

            To cancel the membership, go to the Creative Cloud membership support page and then click the Chat Now button on the page to initiate chat with a live agent.

          2. Buy a new team membership; use the Adobe ID for the new primary admin.
          3. Reinvite team members using the new primary admin account.
          4. The team members have to accept the invitation and log in to the Creative Cloud Desktop app again. Their apps are activated under the new team account. 
          • If your CCT account is under PROMO pricing, the new CCT order may not get the same pricing if that promo is unavailable. Continue with the current account until Adobe develops a solution for you.
          • If you cancel or downgrade your paid membership, you can still access the files in the Creative Cloud folder on your computer and via the Creative Cloud website. Your account will be downgraded to a free membership, which includes 2 GB of storage. If you're using more than 2 GB of storage, you can't sync files until the file storage in your account drops below your allotted size. If you are over your allotted size, you have 90 days to reduce your online usage. If you don't, you could lose access to some or all of your files through the Creative Cloud website.