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    Mapped drives and linked graphics

    dfkurz Level 1

      I have started a new position as a tech writer and have inherited files that will have to be maintained. As I am opening various files, I am finding a lot of broken links. As I investigate (by hovering over the file in the Links pallette), it appears that the basic file path is correct. But what I notice is that the drive letter on the broken ones is not the same. So for example, a link that works is Z:\Artwork\Product Name\filename.eps but a link that is broken is V:\Artwork\Product Name\filename.eps


      I also find some links that work, which link to the actual networked drive name instead of a mapped name, for example \\drivename\Artwork\Product Name\filename.eps


      If I try and link to a file myself, and then look at the path, it shows the path with the Mapped drive.


      So first of all, I assume that the broken links are caused by a user who did not map that drive to the same letter as was used by others. Is that correct? Second, how did someone create a link to the drive name instead of the mapped drive letter? Since I am going to have to fix these broken links, Since some of these files may also be used by the marketing folks, I would like to come up with an approach  so that anyone else opening the file will not encounter broken links, if they have not mapped the drives to the same letters.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Well, either someone chose a different letter, or the drive letters were assigned from above by an IT department (and ordinary users are locked out of mapping new drives).


          It's possible to map the same share twice, if you have the power to do so. So just remap V: to the same network share as Z: and you're good to go, for your own purposes. I'm not sure how you could set it up to cover the rest of your question (so that anyone else opening the file would not get the missing links dialog) without relinking everything yourself. I suppose it'd be scriptable.

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            dfkurz Level 1

            I understand that the other person had the same drive mapped to a different letter. But the bigger question for me is how are some of the links to a drive name rather than a mapped drive letter? Because if I could set up the links that way going forward, then this issue of different letters mapped to the same drive would go away.