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    play more as 8 sounds simultaneously?

    Level 7

      is it possible to play more then 8 sounds simultaneously?
      there is just 8 sound channels and we need play at every moment more then 8

      Any help will be appreciated

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          Director can natively play up to a maximum of 8 channels.

          I believe that AudioXtra from Tabuleiro can use as many channels as the
          computer's sound card supports.

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            RobWellington Level 1
            The Mac has 16 channels and I think you can get as least as many on the PC (could depend on card) but for some reason we have been limited to 8 channels maybe because they are stereo.

            I have a project where I am mixing up to 15 simultaneous sounds. I was doing that using Quicktime (worked great) but now I am converting it to Shockwave I have had to switch to audio files and channels.

            What I realised was that I was never using more than 8 at a time (luckily) but they had to be in synch (unluckily) so as they were all the right length (secs from bpm and bars) I simply chucked them into the channel queue when it was getting mixed down to 0.

            It's a bit of cunning lingo but it works.

            I hope that helps, good luck!