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    pulldown menus fonts too small

    RLS Graphics Level 1

      Pulldown fonts too small.  Went to preferences, but there was no function in the TYPE section to enlarge, as in previous versions.  I'm using CS6

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          sishamDSS Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have answered your previous post...

          Re: Small fonts in pulldown menus

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Unfortunately, the UI Font Size setting affects everything BUT the menu fonts.


            Only the experimental 200% setting now affects the menu fonts, specifically.


            Adobe is aware that this is not ideal, and is continuing to work on proper high dpi scaling support, but there is no current workaround to the small menu fonts issue in Photoshop CC 2014 at this time, other than to fall back to Photoshop CC.



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              RLS Graphics Level 1

              I have two versions of Photoshop since I have a home computer and a work computer.  On my home, I have CS5 Extended.  On that one, I just needed to go into the Preferences under Type, and make it the size I wanted.  This affected the “Character” menu, which was my concern.  Now I can clearly see it.




              On my Work computer, I have CS6.  On that one, I went into the main directory, I believe it is titled “Type”, in there (sorry, I’m on my home computer right now), it had a pull down that provided the same function and allowed me to enlarge the type fonts in “Character”, so I could see them.




              So, problem solved.




              BEWARE!!!  I went on the internet, and typed in, “Adobe Support”.  Top of the search was an “official” Adobe site.  It was a SCAM.  I told them the problem, they went onto my computer, and started showing me things that my “system was infected”, and attempted to upset me by saying, “what did you do to your computer” (which I did nothing).  Then they showed me another screen saying “foreign people are already on my internet”. 




              The catch was, for $299, they would give me a number to Microsoft (I doubt it), and they would fix all my problems.  I told them, “no thanks”, and promptly called Norton Support.  There was NOTHING wrong.  What they were saying was that a firewall “appeared to be” turned off, but, it was NOT, it was that Norton supplies it’s own firewall protection.




              Thus……….lots of people, UNFORTUNATELY, taking advantage of the people that know little of computers…………….