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    In Design Data merge into separate pdf files with variable data name


      Hi all, thank you for taking the time to read this.

      Here's what I have.

      I've created a file in indesign using a 65 page document.

      With this document I've set it up to have specific data in certain areas with data merge.  I have that part setup and it works fine. 

      When I go to export PDF it creates one massive pdf document with all the variable data in it.  However here is the scenario I would like.


      1. Indesign to create a separate pdf file for each record.  So in this example it would be 100 different 65 page pdfs since it should have different pdfs for each record and there are 100 records in the csv.

      2. The pdf should be named after each variable record.  For example record one says name "Joe", record 2 name "Frank".  So it should create joe.pdf, frank.pdf etc.


      How can I accomplish this?