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    URGENT: Re-installing CS 5.5 after having CS 6 on computer


      I bought Creative Cloud 5.5 through my university 3 years ago, but I lost it this year due to a hard drive crash. I downloaded the trial version of Creative Cloud vs. 6 about two months ago to work on something in adobe premiere pro, but it has since expired. Someone from adobe told me to re-download CS 5.5 and gave me a serial number to access the programs. However, when I tried to do this, an error came up saying 'image not recognized'.

      How can I re-download cs 5.5 without losing the data I worked with on Creative Cloud 6?

      I have contacted Adobe up to 3 times about this already, but I have had little success with retrieving these programs. I would greatly appreciate your help, as I spent several hundred dollars on my first purchase of Creative Cloud.