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    When using "create outlines" on type, gradient goes wacky & outlines look strange (InDesign CS6)




      I'm working on a logo in InDesign CS6 where I'm trying to "create outlines" from type I've set so I can have some final artwork to hand over to a sign company. The type has a gradient applied, along with a white stroke added to the outside. When I "create outlines" of the font, the gradient mysteriously changes angle and the white outline around the type no longer connects correctly. Hard to describe, so have a look at the image below:


      For forum.jpg


      The goal is to have the blend and logo look like #1. So, my questions:


      a) how do I "create outlines" of the type and also keep the gradient the same angle as #1? I can manually adjust this using the gradient tool, but this is inaccurate and kludgy.


      b) how can I get the white outlines on the new, converted logo to look like 1 (nicely connected), rather than the mess in #2?


      Many thanks in advance for your help and insight!