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    But I still want to output to tape....


      I recently purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 11, having previously been using version 7.  Obviously I was expecting an enhanced product.


      Instead, upon finalising my video project, it came as an unpleasant surprise to find that the facility to export to tape has disappeared - rendering the product completely unsuitable for my purposes! 


      I tried re-installing version 7 in an effort to perform this final step, but unsurprisingly it did not recognise the project.  Had I realised that PE 11 did not allow for tape output, I would not have bought it.  However, to the best of my recollection, the product advertising for new versions always focuses on new  and additional features, with no mention of the removal of this unexciting but nonetheless essential feature.


      Having paid for a superior version, I am unwilling to concede defeat and go back to PE 7.   Would Adobe* be prepared to exchange my copy of PE 11 (purchased elsewhere) for a copy of the last version  of PE to allow tape output?


      Thank you in anticipation.


      *I would have preferred to take this issue directly to Adobe UK, but my email to their Customer Services was bounced back with the explanation that it is an unmanned email address.  Even posting this message involved negotiating a loop that required me to log in repeatedly.  In my view, the measure of a company is not that they always get it right, but how they behave when things go wrong.  Maybe someone from Adobe will at least give me an email or UK postal address where we can continue this discussion in private, as was my original intention.

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          This is not Adobe. Just user to user forum. You need to contact Adobe. And, the route to it has been via its Adobe Chat.

          Contact Customer Care

          The link has been selected by me for

          Premiere Elements

          "Membershio - Account - Payment

          Payments - Invoices = Orders"

          I am not sure if the link settings will hold. If not, please navigate with those settings until you reach the Chat panel to click on.


          It is now well known that the Export to Tape has been discontinued in Premiere Elements 11 and 12 as well as you cannot open a project created in a later project in an earlier one. Those are nothing new. More information about the Export to Tape matter can be found in the following link.

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11 & 12: Publish+Share/Sharing To Videotape


          Your situation requires an Adobe decision. Please let us know if the link suggested worked for you. Adobe Chat has been undergoing some updates. But it should be working at this time.



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            Thank you for taking the time to comment: the "ATR" link is very useful, indicating that maybe my best bet is to find a way of upgrading my version 7 to version 10.


            I do realise this is a user-to-user forum, but every attempt I've made to use Adobe's "contact customer care" link takes me through a series of questions (enter password, what product, what version, etc) and culminates with "Contact options.....recommended.....Ask the Community"!  As this is the first time I've raised an issue I don't know whether this is a temporary problem, or whether Adobe customer care is permanently incommunicado.


            I'm going to write to them at their UK HQ, and will post again when I have a reply.



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              Thanks for the reply.


              When you are navigating the Premiere Elements Support links, you need to beware of path which ends with Ask the Community if your destination is Adobe Chat. The link that I posted in post 1 of this thread was active as of this morning US east coast time. Please give it another try. I have not dealt with emails to Adobe, but I am guessing that the Adobe Chat route will be faster.


              With Adobe's typical stance of supporting only the current version, I am not sure what the outcome will be for your particular situation.


              Premiere Elements 7 is a good version, lots of very useful subsequently discontinued features. The major feature of 7 that is a bit of

              a nuisance is the way it handles video with 5.1 channel audio. That nuisance will not see in the versions to follow 7.


              Best wishes. Looking forward to your results.


              Thank you.



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                Hi ATR


                I "opened a web case" to outline my woes to Adobe, and after a few messages had gone back and forth they offered me a download of Premiere Elements 10, which I thought was very fair of them.


                As you suspected, they did initially reject my claim as 11 is not the current version, but I requested that they escalate my case to someone authorised to deal with it - after all, 11 was the current version when I purchased it.  Also, I quoted the information you had helpfully provided concerning earlier ambiguities in their own documentation re tape output, which lent weight to my case.


                They did warn me that next time I should trial a new version before purchasing; my experience certainly shows that one needs to trial fully, ie all the way to output, rather than just try out any glossy new features which are advertised.


                Incidentally, I note that the "chat" options which were unavailable when I first sought them have now appeared.


                Happily, my project originally created in PRE11 was picked up by my newly-installed PRE10 without problems, and output to tape.


                Many thanks indeed, ATR,  for kindly sharing your knowledge.


                Best wishes,



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                  Thanks for the update.


                  You were engaged in up hill challenges all the way.

                  a. You did not have the current version.


                  b. Premiere Elements 11 created project "should not be able to be opened in an earlier version" if you go by the "book".


                  We thank Adobe for taking care of "a".


                  As for "b", we point out where you got lucky with regard to opening Premiere Elements 11 created project in Premiere Elements 10.

                  Premiere Elements projects created in an earlier version can be edited in a later version, but, once you have edited the earlier version project in the later version, you cannot edit again the earlier version project in the earlier version. BUT, there is a little recognized fact (perk) about Premiere Elements 10 that you ran into that allowed you to open a Premiere Elements 11 project in Premiere Element 10. It is a one of a kind perk Premiere Elements wise. I am not sure if Adobe will ever find that recipe for that again.


                  We are very pleased with the outcome. Great job.


                  Best wishes