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    Discuss: Preloading, How & When

      This is a discussion about preloading with flash, not just making a preloader that waits for the movie to load and then plays it. This is about loading stuff behind the curtains and then using it later, so the user doesn't even have to wait when they click something.

      Here is an article that talks about this, but from a slightly different view than most of us are interested in, I think:

      From a technical perspective how do you actually preload images/xml/swf/movies without using them directly? What is a good way to plan, what and when to preload?

      Only help I've found from adobe is this method of "parking" swf:s
      Got any better ideas than that?

      Have you tried any solutions for this and how did it work out?

      Let's get some answers, experiences and opinions in here!