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    CF10 Standard reverted to Developer and remains there

    tinu8805 Level 1

      hi there


      I have a very strange behavior: Since years, we run CF10 Standard on Win2k3 for an old productive site. Some weeks ago, I faced some DOS-like problems on it and discovered that CF Admin shows the version as Developer Edition. This was absolutely surprising to me as we have a valid CF10 Standard Serial since 2012. Of course I entered it immediately again but to no avail. CF10 would remain in developer state.

      Can this be caused by some CF10 Updates? We are at Update 13. Afaik, we do not need anything that is a CF10 Enterpreise feature. Can it be that some CF10Ent feature was turned on somehow that now prevents entering a Standard serial? And if so, what can I do to get bacl to a full working CF10 Standard? Any other ideas?

      CF10 currently runs on Apache 2.2.27. Apache was updated several times over time.


      This is critical because of the IP limitations. Lucky we that this system is used only seldomly. But still: DOS like problems appear.


      Any ideas how to correct that?


      not to say that this is quite urgent to me ...