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    How do I save a stack of adjustment layers that I want to then apply instantly to another image  ?


      Can anyone help with the following Photoshop question please ?


      I've been working on a 16bit image in PS CC on my Mac that has a stack of approximately 15 Adjustment Layers (AL's) which has taken a fair amount of work to put together and then saved as an unflattened PSD. The AL's consist of Curves, Selective Colour, Hue & Sat, Vibrance, Col Bal and Photo Filters with a variety of Masks. All AL's have been renamed with their own unique names.


      My question is:


      How do I save this stack of 15 AL's, as I want apply them to other similar images that where shot during a motor drive burst either side of the image mentioned above ?


      I know I can achieve exactly what I want by dragging all 15 AL's from the original image on to newly opened individual images.

      Although this method works absolutely perfectly and is instant I want to be able to somehow apply these AL's in an instantaneous automated way to enable me to deal with the large numbers of images that I want to apply this to.


      It appears to be the case that it isn't possible to simply select the complete stack of AL's from the original image, copy them and then paste them into a new image ! If this was possible I would simply create a simple action to deal with it.


      I know already that I can create an action to deal with this now, however that entails laboriously retracing what I did to the original image by saving presets to the many AL's, then reloading them, putting them in the correct order and finally renaming all of the AL's but as you'll appreciate it's a fairly long drawn out process which would take forever.

      I also need a method which has instant built in flexibility for when I tweak some of the AL's settings. At this point I wouldn't want to then have to go through the whole process of re-writing an involved action.


      I hope the above makes some sense to you all and that you can understand what I want to do.

      I've briefly looked over the Adobe forum where many people have been trying to find unsuccessfully the answer to this question for many years. If anyone has some sort of workaround for this I would very much appreciate hearing from you.