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    Find graphics in different folders


      Hi all


      Using Framemaker 12 on Windows 8.1.


      I have made a copy of my colleague's Framemaker files and images from our document management system and am finding the age-old problem of missing images.

      My problem is that the files are in four different locations, and Framemaker seems to only be able to remember one path at a time. This means that unless two files from the same folder happen to be sequential in a document, I'm having to find each image manually, which is very tiresome.


      I found the following thread about this and was full of hope...


      "Manage Graphics". It seemed oh-so-promising.


      In this thread it says

      "So, if your graphics are in even just two locations, FrameMaker may ask you over and over for the locations because it is jumping back and forth between the two. This case is the case that I have. I typically give the location of the first graphic, then click ignore for all of the rest in the file (or until I get bored). Even though I am ignoring the remaining graphics, FrameMaker still remembers the location of the first graphic and keeps updating each one that it finds. Once the file opens, I save and close it. Then open it again, this time when I locate the first graphic, the open is quick because the only remaining graphics are those in the second location."


      I thought, great! Just open the file, find the location of the first missing file, click Ignore the rest and then Save. Do the same for the other missing images (located in the different folders) and hey presto.

      But alas, it does not seem to work like this for me.  I still have to manually select each file and it's going to take forever.


      Can anyone help please or is this just the way it is? I really want some way for FM to remember the location of the first graphics and use it for subsequent graphics...


      Yours hopefully