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    Adobe CC 2014 Release crashes at Startup


      Adobe InDesign CC 2014 error.JPG

      A co-worker is experiencing issues with Indesign CC 2014. It just started this morning after she did the latest update yesterday. Her system is an HP Windows 7, 32-bit OS with 4GB of RAM. But before the update she had no problems. We followed some suggestions from the Adobe, log off and then log back into Adobe Creative Cloud. That did not work. We also uninstalled the program and reinstalled the program. Rebooted the system. I am not sure how to get the Adobe InDesign crash logs. I saw a search result for Mac, which was a nice link in the dialog box, but as you can see here, I have nothing other than closing the program. This always happens when it is "Starting up Trackers." Never before or after.


      In fact, what is Starting up Trackers. Something related to re-linking files?


      Any ideas or has anyone ever experienced this and do you have any solutions?


      Thank you