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    Flex desktop app and windows 7 profiles

    Peter T.R Level 1

      I have a flex desktop app that works fine but in a windows 7 64 bits configuration using different windows profiles one of this profile can't use the program.


      Kind of windows profile :

      Domain Name

      Roles : Workstation, Server, SQL Server, Potential Browser


      The application start but when we try to sign in ( go outside and request data from a hosting via XML) the product did do anything, is like the product is blocked to go outside, UAC is off, antivirus is off, firewall is off.


      We try to run the application as administrator with the exact result, but with a different profile works fine.


      Also the application didn't save anything on the basic configuration for this profile on the





      I know something is missing for this windows profile but I don't know what?