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    Adobe Fireworks CS6: Frequent Crashes


      Because I now have another designer working for me, I haven't been using Adobe Fireworks as much. But for a recent project, I started using it often again and it is almost unusable in the amount that it crashes.


      It crashes frequently. (Probably 10-20 times per day.) I have tried all of the recommendations I've seen online that seemed applicable. I have contacted Adobe Phone Support and they sent me here, saying they don't support Adobe Fireworks over the phone. (huh?) But they did go in and reset my Fireworks preferences, which did not solve the issue. I am on a mac, osx 10.9.4, 3.4 ghz intel core i7, 12 BG ram.


      I know it's a discontinued product, but I paid for this product, and love it and would prefer to still use it. If it wouldn't crash, it would be almost perfect in my opinion for web design and layout work.


      I've been able to recreate the crashes when switching between "Pages" in Fireworks on semi-large files. It also crashes often when I open up more than one file with a substantial size. I will sometimes get a message saying "Could Not complete your request. An Error occurred."


      Once the program crashes, I will also get a pop up that comes from the program that says:

      "Adobe has found a recent workaround for this crash. Please Click Here for the Solution." (or something to that extent) and when I try to click on "Click Here" it's a dead link - it goes nowhere.


      I am hoping that someone at Adobe knows where this link SHOULD go, and that there is an actual solution or workaround for the frequent crashing.