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    Lightroom freezes while opening certain catalogs

    DrArtie K-CRESLI Level 1

      While I was helped tremedously by the Adobe Tech Support to unfreeze my catalogs, the issue returns. In order to unfreeze, I have to move my preview folder to the desktop (or another folder) and reopoen the catalog. This recreates the previews and allows the catalog to work.k I've cleared the catalog cache, set the previews to medium, set the default to discrad 1:1 preview every thrty days, all in an attempt to avoid the "freeze." But, it still occurs. if I have to reopen the catalof after a time. The catalog has over 30000 images and is an integral tool in my research on fin whales in NY. What can I do to avoid this pain in the butt problem?



      Details: Lightroom 5.5; windows 8.1 pro; 12 GB ram; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti graphics card; 860BG free out of 1.99TB...