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    Audio randomly changes


      When I preview each of my slides, the audio is correct. But, when I preview the whole project (which is only 4 or 5 slides large), the audio from other slides randomly switches around and plays on the wrong slides.

      Any advice is much appreciated.


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          CatBandit Level 3
          Welcome to the Captivate User Community, Judy.

          GENERAL INFO
          Avoid (ever) previewing individual slides except to help with timing in the placement of objects on the timeline. When audio is previewed using the single-slide preview method (press F3) the slide really isn't being played as it will appear in the finished project.

          For a short project like yours, just use F4 to preview the whole project. On a larger one, my advice is to set the default preview to 5-6 slides (Project > Preferences > Defaults (tab)) and use that, starting the preview at a point a slide or two prior to the one you really want to check.

          Having said all that, I cannot imagine that slides are being randomly played regardless of the order of audio on the slides. Can you create a test project of 5 slides, adding audio on each slide ... perhaps the words "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" ... to see if this is isolated to something in this one project??

          Thanks for letting us know what you find ...
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            Judy_McDonough Level 1
            Thanks, Larry... Now that we're not "under the gun", we can, perhaps try to dig a little deeper to see what the heck's going on. I guess my only "relief" (if you can call it that), is that this same problem is happening to others on my team, so it should be easy enough to recreate and, hopefully, solve.

            The only thing that we were able to do (since we have a deadline of tomorrow!) was to go back to Captivate version 1 and it worked fine.

            I'll keep you posted as to what, if anything, I find.


            Judy :)
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Judy

              In addition to what Larry said, I'll offer up the following. I've got an E-Mail message from a student that attended a Captivate class I recently conducted. She is reporting the same behavior as you are seeing. Part of her message indicates she is seeing multiple instances of the same Audio file name (but containing different audio clips) in her project. So I'm guessing that if this is truly the case, Captivate is becoming confused about which "Recording 36" should be played when two or more exist.

              I have no idea how this can even occur, but am suggesting that she attempt to rename the different clips so each is unique. I'm hopeful this will resolve the issue.

              Might be something to check. Look inside your Library panel to see if you have multiple files using the same name. If you see such behavior, I might suggest attempting to rename so you don't see duplicates.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Judy_McDonough Level 1
                Thanks, Rick... we'll definitely give that a try, as it seems to make a lot of sense, as we're using one or two audio clips and editing each slide individually. We'll test this and I'll post anything we find.

                Thanks everyone! :)
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                  I've had this happen twice; today being the second time. We found out that we did have two different audio clips with the same name (Recording 39).

                  The offending slide was one that we import into each project as the final slide so we have the same "closing" for each movie. When we renamed the one audio clip and published the project, we still had the problem.

                  So we went ahead and deleted the last slide then saved the project. Then we imported it back in to the project and renamed the audio clip before we published it again. It worked. Hope this helps some.
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                    NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME: Captivate 2.0

                    This problem, where the audio places randomly, is an absolute showstopper. (There are other bugs in Captivate 2.0, but I'll save those for another topic.)

                    After spending hours removing and replacing audio files, I finally decided to revert to Captivate 1. I was able to copy and paste all of my slide from Captivate 2, but (not surprisingly), most of the audio clips were incorrect, and I needed to reimport them.

                    One very odd thing - when I was attempting to fix the problem in Captivate 2.0, I discovered that if you delete the audio clip from the library (prior to deleting it from a slide's timeline), that slide's background disappears.

                    Unless Adobe comes out with a fix, my advice is to stick with Captivate 1.
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                      I absolutely agree. The random audio problem happens to me after trying to edit timings. It is truly a showstopper and I can't believe Adobe released it with this bug. Its very obvious. It makes any project with an Audio clip that transitions over multiple slides completely impossible to manage.