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    Show/Hide buttons causing overlap when user not rolling off, then leaving page and later returning.


      Hello lovely InDesign people…


      Could any of you help me please? I am creating an interactive PDF using CS5.5. It features some show/hide buttons, which trigger text appearance. There are 6 buttons on this particular page, in 2 rows of 3. Each button, when rolled over, triggers the appearance of an excerpt of text below. Each set of text appears in the same area.


      The PDF was sent to the client, but they have come back saying this:

      - if they leave their cursor over the top of a button

      - then leave the page using the arrows on their keyboard

      - jiggle the mouse around a bit

      - then return to the page with the buttons (assume mouse is now hovering over another button)

      - the text from the button they DID NOT roll off of remains visible, but the other text from the button they are NOW on appears, thus causing an ugly and incomprehensible overlap.

      I realise that this is happening because by not rolling OFF the button before leaving the page, they are not triggering the ‘Hide button’ command, but is there a way to force buttons to Hide when the user leaves the page? I know this a long shot…

      Thanks in advance!