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    Allowing text position and mask position to be separate




      I have tried looking for this solution on several different forums, but no luck.  Maybe I'm phrasing the question wrong.  All help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully it is something glaringly obvious.


      What I'm trying to achieve:


      I want to have this sentence scroll from bottom left to right: "We had a great time.'


      I want WE to appear first using scale, but then the next words that follow to be slide from left to right, all coming from behind the word to its left.  So after 'We', a split second later I want the word 'had' to come from behind the word 'We' - BUT be hidden by a mask until it clears the word 'We'. 

      After that, I want the word/letter 'a' to do the same after that, and so on, and so on.

      I hope I explained this properly.

      Thank you.